Scratch & Dent

Turner Heating and Air Conditioning uses "factory-first" new equipment on its installations.  We also offer an opportunity for our customers to save money through our "Scratch & Dent" inventory.
Just what does "Scratch & Dent" mean?  Many have a misconception of what Scratch and Dent means in the heating & air business.  The most common misconception is "used equipment".  That cannot be further from the truth.
At Turner Heating and Air Conditioning, all Scratch & Dent items are pieces of new equipment obtained from our network of distributors at discount pricing.  This discount pricing is obtained because the unit was somehow dented or scratched during transit from the factory to the warehouse.  Sometimes, the dent occurs during material handling at the distributor's warehouse.  Nevertheless, this "scratch or dent" is cosmetic and does not effect the performance of the unit in any way.  If it did, we would not sell it. 
By buying these units at discounted prices, we are able to pass these savings along to you.  All Scratch & Dent units still carry the same factory warranty that any other new unit carries - 10 years in most cases. 
Call us today to discuss your equipment needs.  Chances are great that we have a system you need in stock and ready for installation right away - at discounted pricing!