Service Contracts

Ever read the 10 year warranty that came with your newly installed HVAC system?  The fine print often indicates that the manufacturer’s warranty is only valid if the system has been properly maintained at least twice a year by a qualified service technician.  How many of us have done that maintenance correctly?  Turner can do that for you!


Is your indoor air handler located in a hard to access crawl space, preventing you from putting your eyes on the system on a regular basis?  This lack of inspection can allow little problems to grow into big problems.  An HVAC Service Maintenance Contract can help you avoid these issues.


For little investment, Turner Heating & Air can visit your system twice a year, change all your air filters, check all system components for proper operation, and look for general items of concern that any homeowner needs to know about.  Peace of mind for a minimal cost.

Service Contract customers enjoy the following benefits:

  • 10% discount on parts

  • 10% discount on freon

  • "Top of the List" priority on service calls

  • Access to 24 hour service


Give Turner Heating & Air a call today at (706) 629-9706 and get more details about the benefits of a Service Maintenance Contract for your system.